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6 Cool Room and Furniture Ideas for Kids

Kids love color and they like to express themselves. They don't want to worry about keeping things perfect. Most kids look at their room as somewhere they can truly be themselves. When designing a kid's bedroom, you need to remember a few simple things.

-  Function is extremely important.
-  Focus on what the child likes but keep it simple.
-  Make it easy to clean and organize.

These are simple concepts that make sense to a kid. They are normally easy to please and will take care of their room if it's created to suit their needs and abilities.

1. Quality First. Choose quality furniture and accessories. Children can be hard on the things they have in their rooms. Making sure each item is durable and made from quality materials is important if you want it to last.

2. Use Sensible Fabrics. Use fabrics that are easy to clean, stain resistant and above all, strong. Sheets, curtains and any other fabric items should be made of materials that can be quickly thrown in the washing machine. It's less hassle for you and the kids get to enjoy a clean room.

3. Forget Themes. Don't introduce a theme. Let the kids choose their colors and focus on the things they like. They can change and adapt the room whenever they choose.

4. Take Care of the Walls. Choose satin or matte paints. They are less likely to show smudges and hand prints. Use wainscoting to protect the lower half of the walls from dings and scratches.

5. Try Current Trends. When it comes to designing a child's personal space, let them take ideas from their friends or research trends with them. Mix and match furniture along with a variety of different styles of furniture make the room stand out.

6. Focus on Function. The room is basically designed to hold your child's possessions and give them a place to sleep and study. A bed with drawers built in underneath it or a bookcase at one end, adds beauty to compliment the functionality of the room.


About the Author

Cody Taylor is the owner of Personalized Piggy Banks, a company that specializes in creating customized baby gifts and piggy banks for kids. Personalized Piggy Banks is known for their originality. Taylor believes that giving a personalized gift will never lose its value and puts a lot of energy into the company to ensure that every child gets a one of a kind gift. Each gift is hand painted with great detail by artists Dodo and Channi and promises child safeness.