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Fun-Time: 8 Classic Board Games to Play with Your Kids

It seems that the cherished family past time of playing board games together on a Sunday night are long gone. Parents and children alike are more comfortable than ever with sitting glued to a TV or scrolling through their phones for the 70th time today.

We learn best through play, and play is always best when it's a social activity. Busy modern lives may reduce the amount of family time we have but by going back to basics, we can certainly increase the quality.

However, the classics are making a comeback and suddenly retro is cool. These eight classic games are still top sellers and perfect for a family game night!

Games For Kids

  • Monopoly. When a game has a version not only for most major capital cities in the Western world but also anniversary editions to mark significant dates, there's no doubt that it has staying power.

  • Scrabble. Not just for older children; playing two and three letter word rule games with children as soon as they reach reading age can make learning fun.

  • Twister. Possibly the only board game where the players are the counters.

  • Chess. Not just the preserve of serious men and a stop clock, teaching a child the rules of chess can help develop logical and strategic thinking. A larger-scale lawn set can be a great outdoor activity in warmer months.
  • Draughts. Like chess, an excellent way to encourage planning skills.

  • Clue. Known in some territories as Cluedo, you too can play Sherlock Holmes as you work out whether Colonel Mustard was the murderer and whether he used the lead piping to commit his crimes in the library.

  • Chutes and Ladders. Again, sometimes known as "Snakes and Ladders", this is an excellent game to underline that life isn't always fair, and that it's always possible to climb back to the top with a little perseverance.

  • Sorry.Last but not least and also useful for teaching children that sometimes you just have to start from scratch, this is also a handy game for teaching the value of a sincere apology.

About the Author

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