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How to Cultivate the Flair for Writing in Your Kiddie

With the advent of Internet and smartphones, writing has become a lost art. Many parents rue at the limited attention span and vocabulary of their children. Today’s modern-day children know how to write Internet lingo and abbreviations but cannot sit and write a grammatically correct sentence. You can cultivate the flair of writing in your child using the following tips:
Early Literacy Skill

  • Be a Role Model. If your kid sees you sitting down and reading and writing, he or she will follow suit. Writing simple things such as thank you notes or creating a shopping list is a good way to get your little one interested in writing.

  • Reading Stories. One way of getting kids to learn and enjoy writing is by introducing them to the magical world of books. Get interesting stories, fairy tales and classics such as Peter Rabbit are one of the best ways to get your kid to enjoy reading. Once that happens, encourage him or her to write out sort stories in their free time. You will be amazed at the improvement in your child’s writing overtime.

  • Your Favorite Books. Introduce your child to your favorite books as a child. Share with him about your memories associated with the book. And then ask him or her whether they have a similar book that they are fond of. They may say no but encourage them to pick a book, read it and then write down what they liked or disliked about the story.

  • Special Writing Time. Make writing into a fun-filled exercise by getting your little one to put pictures and create a storyline. Encourage him or her to write rather than say the words out. Remember to reward your child when they have finished one exercise.

  • Weekly Grocery Shopping. Get your child to help you create the weekly grocery shopping list, so that you do not forget anything. Let your little one accompany you on the shopping expedition and cross out the groceries as you put them in the cart.

  • Compile a Storybook. All the little notes and sentences that your little one writes can be clipped together to form an instant storybook. This will motivate your child to continue writing and improve their efforts.

About the Author

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