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Piggy Banks and Money Pots:Wishful Saving

Wishing on a star is common to many cultures around the world. In fact, many traditions and myths, dating back thousands of years, are connected with wish making. For example, Terramundi money pots have been the traditional keepers of wishes in Italy for over 2,000 years, with their basic design remaining unchanged today. These lovely terracotta pots,sometimes plainor more often, beautifully-decorated, have money slots but no plug to remove the money, unlike modern piggy banks.

Make a WishTerramundi Money Bank

It was thought essential to spend the money saved from Terramundi money pots, as these would bring good luck to the hoarder. Often, the first coin would be accompanied by a written wish and the owner would then be under an obligation to feed the wish until the pot was full, finally smashing it to gain access to their savings, whilst making another wish, of course. However, if smashing something, even of the simple beauty of a plain pot isn’t appealing, it’s reasonably simple to chisel the top off with gentle hammer taps around the money slot; not dissimilar to removing the top from a boiled egg! The body of the pot can then be used for storage, even for a pile of loose change ready to start the next fund.

Terramundi Money Pot

The modern version of the money pot is the ever-popular piggy bank. Requiring neither wishes nor a hammer to start or end the process, the echo of the traditional money pot is very much in evidence, with the appearance of slogans painted across money boxes, spelling out the owner’s wants and needs – car fund, holiday fund, college fund. The list is endless.

In a world where everything has to be now, saving for what we wish for, from a tradition dating back thousands of years, is inspiring. Whatever shapes our modern day money pots may take, making a wish and saving to fulfill it is an excellent habit to get into.

About the Author

Cody Taylor is the owner of Personalized Piggy Banks, a company that specializes in creating customized piggy banks and kids’ money box. Personalized Piggy Banks is known for their originality. Taylor believes that giving a personalized gift will never lose its value and puts a lot of energy into the company to ensure that every child gets a one of a kind gift. Each gift is hand painted with great detail by artists Dodo and Channi and promises child safeness.