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Blog posts of '2013' 'December'

Piggy Bank: An Ideal New Year Gift to Teach Long-Term Saving

It is critical to start teaching money saving skills to children at a young age. The younger kids learn these habits, the more likely they are to continue them as adults. One of the simplest ways to start is with a piggy bank. Let your child assist you in choosing or making a piggy bank. Children are more motivated to use piggy banks that they enjoy. Consider different colors, themes, sizes and shapes. Remember that a piggy bank doesn't actually have to be in the form of a pig. If a child would prefer to use a cat bank or a space ship, run with it.

Angle Piggy BankButterfly Piggy Bank

Some parents might want to have two piggy banks, one for short-term savings and one for long-term savings. As many young children struggle with the concept of saving money for a long time it can be beneficial for them to have access to short-term savings as well. Instead of simply putting all of the money into the piggy bank for an unspecified amount of time use a short-term bank and set tangible rewards for those savings. You can even tape a small reminder of what your child is saving for. Maybe it's a new shiny red bike, cut out that photo and tape it to the bank to be a constant reminder.

You may also want to consider matching a child's savings, particularly to help him or her save up for more expensive items. For example, if a child wants a brand new $50 video game, offer to match the child's savings of $25. Suddenly this large goal will become more attainable. Additionally, if you have multiple kids, offer the option of putting the savings toward a single large event such as a trip to a local museum.

Many families institute rules for how much money a child should put into savings. A recommended starting point is 25 percent for short-term savings and 25 percent for long-term savings. You can adjust these percentages over time as needed. If you have different guidelines in mind, go ahead and use them. Have a family meeting and get input from kids to establish these rules before putting them into place so that everyone is on the same page.                                                                                                                               

7 Funky Piggy Banks

Whether you are trying to teach your child to save money or you are gifting them a keepsake, nothing is more motivating that a funky piggy bank. Our piggy banks will encourage you or your child to go on a saving spree. After all, it is the pennies that help to make dollars.

Here are 7 funky piggy banks that will inspire you to save money:

Airplane Piggy Banks for KidsSpace Piggy Bank for Boys

  1. Darth Vader Piggy Bank. If you are a Star Wars fan, you can have a collectible as well as a piggy bank to save money for a rainy day. Designed like Darth Vader this piggy bank will help keep your loose change safe.
  2. Face Piggy Bank. Imagine when you have a face staring at you day in and day out begging for money, you won’t be able to resist it. This particular piggy bank actually opens its mouth to take in the money. So it is fun to feed it.
  3. Airplane Piggy Bank. For all you guys who love their toys, this is the perfect piggy bank. Shaped like a little piggy with spellbinding airplanes painted on it, this piggy bank makes a nice addition to your child’s nightstand.
  4. Space Pink Piggy Bank. Now here is one of the funkiest piggy banks you will ever see. Pink and hand-painted with modern age rockets and space craft, this piggy bank is worth owning.
  5. Pirates Piggy Bank. If you loved Pirates of the Caribbean, you will treasure this piggy bank. It comes with the skull and bones and other pirate items gorgeously painted on it.
  6. Rock Star Piggy Bank. Nearly every boy dreams of being a rock star someday. Now you can relive those childhood dreams with this crazy piggy bank that has drums and a guitar painted on it. If you save enough, you may have money to buy your first musical instrument!
  7. Robot Piggy Bank. Imagine owning a piggy bank that looks like a robot. Well, now you can and this piggy bank will also count your coins in Japanese. The piggy bank comes with a clock and alarm. So besides saving you money it also helps you wake up.